[CentOS] Qemu - enabling "bridge mode" for primary physical interface for VMs

Wed Dec 8 00:44:26 UTC 2021
Lists <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

I have a physical host with a single physical network adapter. I want to host 
several VMs on host. (guest1 - guest4) The guest systems are accessible via 
192.168.122.* as is the default with qemu/virsh. 

There are 4 IP addresses being routed to the primary interface on host. I can 
set up an alias for the NIC and "see" these ip addresses. 

I understand that it's possible to allow the 4 VM guest systems to each have a 
"direct" fixed IP address and access the addresses \via the host network 
adapter, while the host retains its fixed IP. 

I've been googling like crazy and there is a lot of stale and conflicting 

Has anybody here done this successfully? 

Host and all guests are running CentOS 8.


Ben S
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