[CentOS] Introducing CentOS Stream 9

Fri Dec 3 18:50:13 UTC 2021
Paul Heinlein <heinlein at madboa.com>

On Fri, 3 Dec 2021, Josh Boyer wrote:


Thank you for the reply! I'm still poking around Stream 9, trying to 
devise some site-specific configuration-management rules, so I 
appreciate all the information I can get.

>> Of note: java, perl and ruby are entirely streams now, while python 
>> remains tied to the base OS. All RDBMS releases are streams. There 
>> is no Tomcat! libgcc is part of the base OS but is also a stream. 
>> I'm not sure how that will work.
> I can clarify that a bit.  We have Application Streams and 
> separately the AppStream repo.  The AppStream repo contains the 
> Application Streams, but it also contains things that are still part 
> of the standard OS that aren't what we'd consider "Base" or "core".

Ah! I hadn't understood that distinction. Thanks for the 

> We'll have a similar page for RHEL 9 when that is released, but your
> list of languages and RDBMS in CentOS Stream 9 is a good start.  Also,
> the python language stack will be slightly different in 9.  We still
> have a system python (platform-python in RHEL8/CentOS Stream 8), which
> is python 3.9 but the packaging format is a more traditional RPM
> packaging.  The same concept applies to the system level gcc, and
> therefore libgcc.

Does that mean there might be, say, a python310 or gcc12 stream?

> RHEL 8 does not include Tomcat either, so that is not new.

Heh. I guess I should have looked at that. None of our internal Tomcat 
users have yet moved to EL8.

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