[CentOS] how to clear out /var/cache?

Fri Dec 31 00:09:19 UTC 2021
Skylar Thompson <skylar2 at uw.edu>

The FHS specification says that applications using /var/cache should expect
those data to disappear anytime, so under a strict interpretation it should
be safe to remove everything. Practically, though, I don't know that I'd
trust every application to adhere to that, so it might be worth looking at
what applications are the biggest users of the directory and making
targeted deletions or even application-specific tools to remove the data
(i.e. "yum clean all").

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 06:20:15PM -0500, Fred wrote:
> Is it safe to just remove files from /var/cache on a running system, or is
> there a correct procedure for doing that?
> Mine has hit over 3 gigs, making it one of the larger directories in /,
> which is running low on space. I've hit all the low-hanging fruit I can
> find and now I come to things like /var/cache, and I don't know what to do
> about such.
> Thanks in advance!

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