[CentOS] luks encrypted - tell at boot to skip/ignore it - how?

Mon Feb 1 21:27:45 UTC 2021
Chris Schanzle <chris.schanzle at nist.gov>

On 1/30/21 9:48 AM, lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
> How to tell grub/kernel to ignore, skip either all or a specific block device which is luks-ecrypted - would anybody know?
> I have a box (kvm) which had a "secondary" luks-encrypted disk which now is detached and Centos just hangs @boot waiting for that disk.
> many thanks, L.

Try adding to /etc/crypttab an entry for it including the options:  nofail,noauto

You might also need an /etc/fstab entry for it (recommend LABEL= or UUID= as the source) and use the mount option of "nofail".  Might also need "noauto" depending on your situation.

crypttab(5) and mount(8) are your friends here.  Hope that helps!