[CentOS] smba shares are unreachable once or twice per month

Tue Feb 9 05:21:25 UTC 2021
Prengel, Ralf <ralf.prengel at rprengel.de>

I ve a problem with my samba-server.
We are  using a centos 7.7 with an samba exporting samba-shares. Logins 
are managed by our Windows-AD. The samba server has only the function to 
exports hares.
Windows clients are Win10 patched every month.
Our problem:
Once or twice a month shares aren't akctive any longer and reachable for 
the Window-Clients.
Network can nor be a reason because the same directory exported via NFS 
is reachable for all Linux-NFS-Client.
Normally we disconect and connect the Samba server in the AD and after a 
reboot the shares are working again but that cant be the solution ;-)
Can anyone give me hints hwo to anaylse and solving the problem.

Thanks Ralf