[CentOS] menu apps like make menu config

Fri Feb 19 15:00:36 UTC 2021
Christopher Wensink <cwensink at five-star-plastics.com>

Good morning everyone,

While vi, cat more or less can work (see what I did there..)  for 
looking at every day Linux Administration, sometimes I think it's just 
easier to work with a menu based interface, where you can select and 
navigate messages and options, with a little bit of color, possibly 
function key interaction, and a working interface, similar to using make 
menuconfig for compiling the kernel and similar to performing a legacy 
text based install on a new system. Is there a master list of those 
kinds of apps that have a menu for looking at various things?  Can 
anyone who thinks of more of these apps rattle off some other options 
such as:

abc - for reading logs
xyz for text based chat
def - for a menu based browser
ghi - for a text mail client, etc

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