[CentOS] Recommendation for 10 gigabit NICs on CentOS8

Tue Feb 9 01:22:52 UTC 2021
Orion Poplawski <orion at nwra.com>

On 2/7/21 3:55 AM, Strahil Nikolov via CentOS wrote:
> Hi All,
> can you share what kind of old NICs do you use on CentOS 8 (Stream or
> not , it doesn't matter) without any issues?
> I was looking at ebay and I found some pretty old Mellanox  "ConnectX"
> or "ConnectX-2" but I seriously doubt they will work on CentOS 8.
> Any proposals are also welcome. I don't care of the brand as long as it
> is PCIe and is supported by the vanilla kernel.

I'm using a number of HP branded MT27520 Family [ConnectX-3 Pro] 
InfiniBand FDR/Ethernet 10Gb/40Gb 2-port 544+FLR-QSFP Adapters without 
any issue. Not sure if that is old enough for you.


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