[CentOS] Changing command line version of php for apache

Sun Feb 14 20:26:45 UTC 2021
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

--On Sunday, February 14, 2021 1:52 PM -0500 H <agents at meddatainc.com> 

> Apart from what you described above, is it in general possible to force a
> non-shell user to use a specific version of software when multiple
> versions are installed on a machine, be it php, python or something else?

As I said, use the path. The path environment variable isn't part of a 
shell, but shells provide nice ways to manipulate it. The scripts provided 
with Software Collections modify the path and possibly other variables 
before invoking a shell or a program. Environment variables are part of a 
process' state and are inherited when a process spawns a child. A shell is 
just a special kind of process that provides interactive support and may 
provide a programming API.