[CentOS] What to do when a selinux policy doesn't work?

Sat Feb 27 02:40:01 UTC 2021
Jonathan Billings <billings at negate.org>

On Feb 26, 2021, at 17:16, hw <hw at gc-24.de> wrote:
> Ejabberd is supposed to expire files when they are older than desired, and selinux prevents it.  How can I solve this problem other than by disabling selinux or by deleting the files manually?

It’s possible that you are only capturing part of the process, such as a stat() before unlink(), so it still fails.  You need to capture the entire process.

Temporarily set it to permissive (setenforce Permissive) and let it do what it does (is there a way to force it?). Then you should use ausearch to find the AVCs over the time period when it ran, and pipe that into audit2allow.


There’s probably a better solution than blindly creating a module.  You need to figure out what the correct SELinux attribute to put on the directory so you don’t need a module.  

Jonathan Billings