[CentOS] CentOS Stream suitability as a production webserver

Tue Jan 5 19:44:03 UTC 2021
Phil Perry <pperry at elrepo.org>

On 05/01/2021 19:32, Jamie Burchell wrote:
> Hello
> I've recently discovered the announcement regarding the change in direction
> for the CentOS project and I imagine like many others, I'm confused and
> concerned about what this means moving forward.
> I work for a small web development agency and we offer hosting as part of
> our package to clients who need it. We have many CentOS 7 web servers
> (DigitalOcean droplets) (LAMP/LEMP) that I look after and today I'm
> thankful I have only migrated one of those to CentOS 8, given the recent
> announcement about its curtailed EOL. I literally just went to the Wiki
> today to confirm the EOL date for EL7 and boy am I glad I spotted it.
> Given we are not developing drivers or applications (other than websites
> and web applications), is the change a non-issue for my use-case? I've seen
> it written that CentOS Stream is the "development version" of RHEL but also
> that we shouldn't have considered RHEL to be the beta for CentOS. Others
> have said to think of CentOS more like RHEL RC-1. I just don't know how the
> stability will compare and we have historically always chosen CentOS for
> its stability (and of course price).
> Sure, I could migrate to Ubuntu (I use this locally in WSL), but I've
> become somewhat "comfy slippers" with CentOS and have built our setup
> around it (including custom ansible scripts etc) and don't want to change
> everything unncessarily.
> Of course, a lot of this is somewhat dependent on what DigitalOcean will
> decide to provide image wise moving forward.
> I'm sorry if this has already been answered, I spent a good few hours
> reading through the respective threads in the devel list and ended up more
> confused than I started.
> Cheers,
> Jamie

Hi Jamie,

Unfortunately no one can advise you as to what may be a suitable 
operating system for your business needs.

One thing is clear, the operating system you are currently running 
(CentOS Linux) is being brought to end of life, version 7 in 2024 and 
version 8 in 2021.

That gives you at least a year (for 8) if not longer to consider and 
evaluate alternatives. As your current OS will no longer exist, I would 
start with a blank sheet, look at the OSes that do exist and evaluate 
each based on it's merits and suitability for your business needs and