[CentOS] RHEL changes

Thu Jan 21 21:34:40 UTC 2021
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 21/1/2021 11:17 μ.μ., Valeri Galtsev wrote:

> I tried Oracle Linux. After installation it took forever to update yum 
> database, or do you yum search. Also: I didn't find mirrors... All 
> this sort of ruled it out for me.

Don't worry, Rocky Linux is in good track; Latest update:


It will be with us very soon, and the formerly CentOS community is very 
active on it!

I am very optimistic with it.

RH is trying to catch all those CentOS users/admins who will jump off 
the train to shift to Rocky Linux (or other), but I think Rocky Linux 
will become the natural successor.

The future is close, we shall see.