[CentOS] RHEL changes

Fri Jan 22 12:43:23 UTC 2021
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 22/1/2021 2:25 μ.μ., Konstantin Boyandin via CentOS wrote:

> Also, I can still expect they will again change their mind close to
> 2021's end. In short, I have hard time trusting RH in such a situation.

That's exactly how I feel too. I don't trust them.

I think we can expect Rocky Linux to provide a real solution to CentOS 
future. We shall know very soon, so let's just wait for a short while.

There is such a huge (staggering) number of CentOS installed base, esp. 
including service providers (hosts etc.), that the market NEEDS a real 
reliable successor of CentOS. This need cannot be covered by RHEL new 
licensing. A real open source, community solution will be needed; for 
the time being, Rocky Linux seems to have the right specs to fill the gap.

The market itself will finance (through donations) its future, because 
it is a real need. A CentOS successor is a real need.

OL will be last resort, but I believe Rocky Linux will most probably be 
the way to go. It displays good momentum, steady progress and great 

My 2c.