[CentOS] RHEL changes

Fri Jan 22 17:19:16 UTC 2021
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On 1/22/21 9:15 AM, Simon Matter wrote:
>> Le 21/01/2021 à 23:30, Scott Robbins a écrit :
>>> People pull up all sorts of technical reasons to justify
>>> what is, in the end, an emotional decision.
>> There is, of course, the possibility to go beyond that. For example, I am
>> not
>> exactly fond of Oracle as a company, for reasons you probably know as good
>> as
>> me. They did some horrible things to Solaris, MySQL and Java, their CEO
> IMHO they didn't do anything horrible to us. They just wasted a lot of
> money buying companies and then didn't continue the open source
> developments in a way which worked for the community. However the project
> are not dead by now, they just run under a different name these days.
>> supported Trump, etc. But it also happens that they do have one of the
> IMHO it's a feature of something called democracy that even CEOs are free
> to support whoever they want - without asking anyone and like everybody
> else.

Agreeing about freedom of opinion, but can not help to mention: freedom 
of speech belongs more to liberty, not democracy. Democracy (decision of 
majority...) is in its essense a tyranny of majority over minority.

My apologies for adding to political discussion on technical list, which 
better be avoided, so not continuing it and inviting others spare the 
list of politics, religion, and other non-technical issues.


>> better
>> maintained RHEL clones out there, with fast updates and an excellent
>> documentation.
> For me OL works very well. I've just modified the migration/installation
> so that it removes all OL specific stuff like UEK and changes things back
> to upstream EL versions. If I ever regret the move to OL I know know quite
> well how to migrate to another clone. And I mean a full migration which
> changes every bit.
> Simon
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