[CentOS] Compiling Qt applications in docker

Thu Jan 21 02:04:25 UTC 2021
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

I am working on compiling an application using Qt and am a newbie. I already have Qt on my CentOS 7 system but this application requires a later version of Qt not available for C 7. It also requires postgreSQL libraries and I am using the latest version of that, ie pgsql 13.

I have successfully compiled it in a docker environment and I can launch it on the desktop. I have, however, not tested it against postgreSQL on my computer - yet. I do not want to run it in docker though but on my "regular" computer outside docker, as well as be able to move it to other computers I have. I am only using docker as a sandbox while working on compiling etc.

I am not sure how I should set it up - outside docker - so that the Qt libraries it needs do not foul up the rest of my system but are only seen by this particular application. Can anyone offer a suggestion?

Should the compiled application eventually reside in its own directory under /usr/local/bin and where should the Qt libraries be? In the same directory as the app? If not, where should they be placed?

I tried to compile it to use the Qt libraries statically linked but the app does not run that way in docker but crashes with a segmentation fault.

Suggestions/best practices appreciated!