[CentOS] Intel/64 CentOS VM running on a Mac M1?

Fri Jan 29 01:11:52 UTC 2021
Lists <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

My Dell Precision M3800 running Fedora works great but is really starting to 
show its age, and I'm thinking about getting a new Mac M1-based laptop as it 
would really be useful for Video production. 

But I really need to have a IA64 CentOS 7/8 VMs running locally for 
development as I'm often on the road and flaky Internet makes it a necessity to 
keep productivity up. I've been unable to officially confirm that VMWare/
Parallels/VirtualBox intend to support IA64 based OS's and it *needs* to be an 
exact (VM) copy of production so I can trial environments and builds prior to 
roll out. 

Calling around, I actually got ahold of a sales staff at Parallels who assured 
me (in broken India-accent English) that "of course all OS will supported when 
the trial complete" but given that I wasn't sure that he really understood my 
question I remain uncertain. 

Anybody here have any more information than I do? 
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