[CentOS] Centos versions in the future?

Wed Jul 7 12:41:32 UTC 2021
J. Adam Craig <jacraig at vcu.edu>

Agreed re OEL.

A few months after the CentOS 8.x deprecation news was released, Oracle
Sales reached out to my organisation and reminded us that OEL was free to
use, with migration scripts available.

We briefly considered migrating from CentOS to OEL, but ultimately decided
against it since, as Danti indicates above, Oracle has a questionable
history, and we feared that their "free as in beer" approach may change to
more of a RHEL approach once their user base was sufficiently expanded.

Rocky is community-driven with substantial sponsorship from large,
respected enterprises, whereas Alma and OEL are both tied at the hip to
corporations.  While noone really knows what the future holds, enough of us
have been burned by what has been done to CentOS 8.x that we frankly know
the stove is hot, and don't really want to touch it again, if it can be

As others have stated, I appreciate and respect Red Hat's vision for CentOS
Stream, and I do wish the project all the best.  (I'm running 8-Stream on
most of my laptops and workstations now, in fact. -- It is nice to know
what is in the EL pipeline!)  I think there's a great argument for using
Stream on DEV systems, etc., provided there is a plan to move corresponding
PROD machines to the new EL release by the end of the Full Support window.
The decision to abandon Stream 8 in 2024 (vs. 2029) makes broad use of it
in my environment a non-starter, in most cases.

As many have observed, the Stream change would've been much more welcome
were it announced beginning with EL 9.x, but pulling the rug out from
beneath CentOS 8.x with a year's notice, right after so many of us had just
finished migrating workloads to it in anticipation of EL 6.x EOL was a very
poor decision, imho.

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On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 8:19 AM Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr> wrote:

> Le 07/07/2021 à 11:44, Nikolaos Milas a écrit :
> > RESF / Rocky Linux is gaining worldwide recognition and sets itself as
> the
> > primary organization / platform to become the CentOS 8 heir / successor
> in the
> > future.
> Rocky Linux is the New Kid On The Block and gets all the attention.
> Whereas Oracle Linux (the best RHEL clone in terms of maintenance
> reactivity)
> has been around since 2006, free as in beer since 2012, and nobody wants to
> touch it.
> Go figure.
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