[CentOS] Centos versions in the future?

Thu Jul 8 08:18:04 UTC 2021
Mark Rousell <mark.rousell at signal100.com>

On 08/07/2021 09:09, Mark Rousell wrote:
> I'm not affiliated with Navy Linux but it seems to me there's nothing
> inconsistent there. They say it was set up as a community project on
> January 4, 2021 and a foundation (a common component of community
> projects) was formed on June 14, 2021.
> That's all perfectly straight and consistent. Rocky, for example,
> followed the same process didn't it: The community was formed and then a
> foundation followed soon afterwards.

P.S. Despite my comment above, I do agree that the disappearing of their
reference to "Unixlabs" on their website is not confidence-inspiring.
And not making it clear which/who this Unixlabs is, is even more

Mark Rousell