[CentOS] Centos versions in the future?

Fri Jul 9 10:14:28 UTC 2021
Gionatan Danti <g.danti at assyoma.it>

Il 2021-07-08 23:21 J. Adam Craig ha scritto:
> Well said.  It is worth pointing out also that, while Kurtzer and other
> Rocky community leads are devoted to keeping Rocky 1:1 with upstream, 
> they
> are also committed to engaging with the CentOS Stream community 
> themselves
> (if they find a bug in upstream code and they can fix it, Kurtzer and
> others have stated multiple times that they will contribute the fix 
> into
> Stream), and to encouraging such engagement among those who desire to 
> see
> improvements with upstream.  In other words, if we are uncomfortable 
> with
> the direction Stream is going, the preferred approach is mobilisation
> within and engagement with the Stream community to have those changes
> realised there, so that they flow into Enterprise Linux and everyone
> benefits.

While I fully understand & agree on the motivation for keeping Rocky 
(and other clones) 1:1 with Red Hat, it should be understood that 
current RHEL packages selection itself is drifting away from 
small/medium business needs. So the core issue is a more fundamental 
one: Red Hat, our upstream, is walking away from traditional server 

So while I wish Rocky all the best (and I am actively using it!), I am 
looking toward Ubuntu and Debian for new deployments.

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