[CentOS] [External] Re: Microsoft Teams on CentOS 7. Does the latest version work?

Thu Jul 15 19:32:21 UTC 2021
Mark Milhollan <mlm+centos-lists at milhollan.com>

On Wed, 14 Jul 2021, Chris Adams wrote:

>Like a number of "desktop apps" for web-based sites, Teams is an
>Electron app.  That means it's really a package of Chrome plus the
>site's client HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so you get all the fun bugs of
>Chrome (with no way to upgrade it).

And it is still called a preview.  I use the web version, directly, at 
<https://teams.microsoft.com>, so I can update my browser as I desire 
instead of being stuck with whatever happened to have been packaged 
until whenever Microsoft gets around to making a new package and decided 
to update their Electron base.