[CentOS] Recommendations for webmail client on EL8

Mon Mar 1 14:10:23 UTC 2021
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

Hi Simon,

I'm sure you must have noticed, but just to be clear: your aging C7 
system has more life in it than a C8 system.  C8 dies this December, C7 
is projected to 30/6/24.

On 01/03/2021 13:57, Simon Matter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm still trying to find solutions to replace some aging EL6 and EL7 systems.
> This time I'm looking at email. Postfix and Cyrus-IMAPd are not a problem
> and also additional things like DKIM are fine. However, I'm wondering what
> to use to replace good old squirrelmail with.
> We had a heavily patched squirrelmail with lots of nice things like
> avelsieve plugin. Since squirrelmail is dead and unable to run on newer
> PHP, I'd like to use some other tool instead.
> I was looking at Roundcube but it seems difficult on EL8 because a lot of
> PHP stuff is missing and not available as RPMs. I guess the same is true
> for the python things needed for Mailpile. In the end my list only
> contains Cypht, Rainloop and Afterlogic Webmail lite.
> Is there anybody running webmail on EL8? Can you make a recommendation on
> a certain tool?
> Thanks,
> Simon
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