[CentOS] Restore mails using Thunderbird

Mon Mar 15 10:07:58 UTC 2021
Thomas Mueller <thomas at chaschperli.ch>

On 3/15/21 10:56 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my clients is running CentOS 7 on his workstation. He's using Mozilla
> Thunderbird with an IMAP account at Infomaniak to manage his mails.
> Thunderbird keeps all configuration and mail in ~/.thunderbird, so I simply
> renamed this to ~/.thunderbird.bak, searched for the latest correct version of
> ~/.thunderbird three days ago and restored that.
> Now here's what happens.
> 1. When starting Thunderbird all the old mail folders and messages appear
> correctly. So it looks good.
> 2. After a few minutes most of the messages disappear. Not good.

As its an IMAP account, the local thunderbird data is only cached.

Try to start Thunderbird in offline mode and then export mails before 
going online again.

- Thomas