[CentOS] new observations: Re: Centos 7 installer alert! message

Wed Mar 17 18:14:40 UTC 2021
R C <cjvijf at gmail.com>


I installed 72G ram in a Dell (it canhandle 72G according to Dell).  The 
BIOS says there are 9 8G DIMMs install (BIOS test shows no errors).  
dmidecode says there are indeed 9 DIMMs, and they show all fine, no 
errors etc. However, free reports tehre's only 54G  available.

So I (I am guessing) that alert message has something to do with 
ram/memory, but still wasn't able to actually read it since it 
disappears really quick.

Any ideas what the culprit here could be?



On 3/16/21 9:08 PM, R C wrote:
> When I install Centos 7,  I see an "alert!" message flash by, too fast 
> to read it.   Is there a way to figure out what that message is/was 
> (after install)  or make it wait so I can actually read it?
> thanks,
> Ron