[CentOS] Centos 8 host -> VMware host

Mon Mar 22 20:24:54 UTC 2021
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>


What I'm wondering here, what's the benefit of running the CentOS 7
machine on VMware instead of EL8?



It was not a pleasant decision for sure.  The initial commitment of RedHat/IBM for the End
of Life of C8 was through 2029.  I created a hypervisor of C8 on a Dell R730xd server last
November 2020 and everything was working very well with two C7 guests and one Windows guest
on it. I had plans to move a mail server to it next. 

I think it was in December 2020 or January 2021 that RedHat/IBM changed their commitment of
the EOL of C8 from 2029 to December of this year 2021. They also have coined a new
objective of the Centos platform.  IBM owns it so they are free to do what they want with
it, but I don't have much confidence that they will keep their remaining commitments.  

I still had a lot of of new work I wanted to do with the C8 hypervisor, and did not want to
start over after this December.  I decided to make the move to a different platform as soon
as I reasonably could.  

I thought about migrating to Rocky Linux, but I was not sure if that platform would get off
the ground in sufficient time. 

It was a difficult decision for me...... Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!