[CentOS] kmod removal

Sat May 29 14:52:55 UTC 2021
Emmett Culley <lst_manage at webengineer.com>

Sometime ago I thought I needed kmod-wl to support a new wireless card.  Turns out I didn't need to do that. Now I'd like to remove kmod entirely.  But when I try I get this:

[root at ws1 etc]# dnf remove kmod
  Problem: The operation would result in removing the following protected packages: systemd-udev
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages)

I am sure I don't want to remove systemd-udev, so I am a loss.

I did disable akmods:

systemctl disable akmods

But I still see that kmod-wl is built each time the kernal is updated.

Any suggestions where I can find out how to remove kmod.

Note that searching the internet only brings me info on removing kmod-nvidia, and mostly on ubuntu, and they are no help because mostly what they discuss is how get back to neuveau.

Even docs I've found that discuss how to install kmod on CentOS say nothing about removal.