[CentOS] will there be centos 8.4?

Mon May 10 16:59:01 UTC 2021
Jon Pruente <jpruente at riskanalytics.com>

On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 11:47 AM Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org> wrote:

> Talking about that : what's the official position on how CentOS 8 will
> go EOL ?
> I'd be myself in favor of transparently redirecting CentOS 8 linux
> yum/dnf mirrorlists to 8-stream end of the year, so that people would
> still get automatically updates and would be able to "dnf install <bla>"
> I'd prefer that over a "mirrorlist.centos.org answering <invalid arch /
> release combination>" and so breaking existing installs.

There is already a process that was recently used for CentOS 6, which is to
have people use the repos at vault.centos.org if they need them. Changing
them to Stream could break things in very unexpected ways, which would be
worse than simply having them no longer provide updates. IMO it's better to
not respond and create an error to be investigated and fixed by moving to
the vault repo if desired, or a different 3rd party repo provider. At that
point it is clearly an issue with the repo. Random problems cropping up
with broken packages will be much harder to trace back and will cause all
sorts of people seeking help to fix their then broken CentOS 8 systems to
come out of the woodwork.