[CentOS] where to get reliable/open source license manager

Sat May 29 10:58:06 UTC 2021
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

On 29.05.21 05:32, qw wrote:
>>> I have developped one python application. I need open source license server to manage the app via local network. Where can I get this kind of open source project?
>> It's not really clear (to me, anyway) what you're asking for. What would
>> the application you're looking for *do*?
>> Are you looking for something like flexlm?  Are you licensing your
>> python application on a per-seat basis?
> I'm looking for some software like flexlm, which has the function like floating license. My python app will be installed in several PCs in local network, and I want to manage which python app can be used. So I need one license manager to control the usage of python app. One python app will be installed in one PC.

Not sure if this is the right tool for your use case: