[CentOS] New Server and noticing these maillog postfix entries: What to do about them?

Sun Nov 21 18:54:40 UTC 2021
Jay Hart <jhart at kevla.org>

I just stood up a new server running C8 stream, postfix, SA, etc.

I keep seeing these log entries in maillog and wonder what to about them. I have not been able to find any research documents detailing if
this is a problem nor how to prevent.  Any documentation I have seen via web searches talks about configuration issues with
spamass-milter.  This to me looks like hackers.  I get the same four lines over and over again from different IP addresses and the
pid/socket/id number (26579 in this instance) are always linked.  The number is different for each query/probe.

Nov 21 11:56:57 dream postfix/smtpd[26579]: connect from unknown[]
Nov 21 11:56:57 dream postfix/smtpd[26579]: warning: connect to Milter service unix:/run/spamass-milter/spamass-milter.sock: Permission
Nov 21 11:56:57 dream postfix/smtpd[26579]: discarding EHLO keywords: CHUNKING
Nov 21 11:56:57 dream postfix/smtpd[26579]: disconnect from unknown[] ehlo=1 auth=0/1 quit=1 commands=2/3

What can I try to do to eliminate this?  Other than taking up resources I'm not seeing anything else in the logs to show a problem.
Should I be concerned?

Research has now shown that Redhat/Centos may have changed the default postfix setting.  I do see the following parameter set:
smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = chunking

Sounds like I need to add/set this as 'silent-discard' pseudo keyword to prevent this action from being logged.

Thanks in advance on your help and advice!