[CentOS] mounting XFS RAID-1 disk partition that needs repair.

Tue Nov 23 14:45:17 UTC 2021
Fred <fred.fredex at gmail.com>

I'm attempting to extract data from a HD that has a bunch of linux-raid
partitions, including one large one with data I need to save off the disk.

I actually have two drives like that (both not from the same RAID pair),
and one of them I was successful in creating a MD device so I could mount
it RO and copy off a ton of data.

the second one fails to mount, saying the XFS filesystem is corrupted.
Attempting to run XFS_repair I get a message that the filesystem is XFS-1
and I need an older version of XFS tools to do it.

I'm running Centos-7 with whatever version of XFS tools comes with it,
according to 'yum list installed' it appears to be xfsprogs 4.5.0-22.el7.

I don't particularly want to install another, older, version of xfsprogs on
this system. can anyone suggest any other way to gain access to this disk

Thanks in advance!