[CentOS] grepmail

Wed Oct 27 19:40:11 UTC 2021
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On my Fedora box I occasionally use grepmail.
Recently I went to use it on my CentOS 7 mail server
and found I had not installed it.  Surprisingly
(to me) I did not find it in the repositories.

Grepmail is a perl script and uses several perl modules.
I copied the executable from the Fedora box and installed
a missing module from the CentOS 7 repos.  Seems to work.

However the CentOS perl modules are older versions than
the executable uses on Fedora.  I'd prefer the executable
and modules were tested together.  Have I missed grepmail
in any CentOS 7 repos?

Jon H. LaBadie                  jcu at labadie.us