[CentOS] Postfix and virtual mail boxes.

Thu Oct 7 13:06:11 UTC 2021
Gionatan Danti <g.danti at assyoma.it>

Il 2021-10-07 12:40 Rob Kampen ha scritto:
> mydestination = localhost localhost.localdomain
> mydomain = example.org
> myhostname = mx.example.org
> mynetworks =, [::1]/128

Not that I expect it to be the cause, but you need a coma between 
"localhost" and "localhost.localdomain" in mydestination.

> I had originally only used "postconf -n" as it is MUCH smaller than
> postconf , however it still shows no material differences.

Yeah, it seem the config are very similar (with the exception of 
virtual_alias_maps, which you explained).

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