[CentOS] [External] Re: Unexpected /etc/resolv.conf updates on CentOS 7

Fri Oct 22 12:37:34 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> On 14/10/2021 08:44, Simon Matter wrote:
>>> On 13/10/2021 20:06, J Martin Rushton via CentOS wrote:
>>>> If you just want to tell NM to clear off and leave your resolv.conf
>>>> alone do the following:
>>> I might possibly be able to set up a workaround based on that, but it's
>>> not what I really want. Ideally I want NetworkManager to update
>>> resolv.conf, but only if it actually set up a new connection and/or got
>>> new information. Which is what it seemed to do in the past, but then
>>> something changed...
>> I'm not running CentOS 7 with NetworkManager so I could be wrong but,
>> isn't it possible to run DHCP internally in NM or use dhclient? If so,
>> did
>> you really check that nothing has happened there like renewing of the
>> lease?
> I'm not exactly sure what you mean by running DHCP internally in NM, but
> dhclient is being used. It's started automatically with a config
> generated by NetworManager, and also a NM/connection specific lease file.

I meant by default NM uses its own built in DHCP client. See here