[CentOS] Troubles expanding file system.

Fri Sep 3 07:31:48 UTC 2021
Jack Bailey <jack at internetguy.net>

On 9/2/2021 10:28 PM, Simon Matter wrote:
> There is one thing that I couldn't find a solution for no matter what I
> tried: When the root/boot disk of the guest is being resized, it's not
> possible to modify and reread the new partition table without reboot.

I'm curious to know if this works for you.  Suppose /dev/sda is the boot 
disk.  Determine the highest number primary partition in use on the 
drive.  Let's say it's 3.

# growpart /dev/sda 3

In addition, you might try

# printf "F\n" | parted ---pretend-input-tty -l

I have these in an Ansible playbook for creating CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 
Focal VMs.  They require cloud-int (for growpart) and gdisk.  Note: 
growpart doesn't work if the highest partition is not a primary 
partition, i.e., greater than 4.