[CentOS] How to keep audio active?

Mon Sep 13 22:56:03 UTC 2021
hw <hw at gc-24.de>


how can I keep audio active --- or at least make it come back right away 
--- after there was no audio for a few seconds?  It takes some seconds 
for the audio to come back, like when a movie was paused and playback is 
being resumed.  I either have to scroll back or miss out on the audio, 
and that's totally annoying.  It also means that I can't hear any 
notifications because the notification has finished playing long before 
the audio is back.

I tried

options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 pm_blacklist=1 power_save_controller=0

in /etc/modprobe.d/snd_hda_intel.conf, and it didn't change anything.

Audio comes from an NVIDIA card connected to a display port.  Disabling 
power management of the audio controller on the card didn't help, 
either.  All applications playing audio are affected.