[CentOS] SELinux relabeling for a diffeerernt mount point

Fri Apr 1 09:50:50 UTC 2022
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 01.04.22 um 04:03 schrieb Kenneth Porter:
> I'm preparing a disk mounted at /mnt/tmp to later be mounted at 
> /var/lib/BackupPC. Is there some magic invocation to get the selinux 
> labels for the structure I create to assume the final mount point, so 
> that I don't have to relabel it when it's finally mounted at its target 
> location? Or is there an argument to restorecon that will do the 
> equivalent of chroot so that restorecon assumes the final location?


$ man semanage-fcontext

for the "equal" switch.