[CentOS] Where can I find more information on the recent update to the 4.18.0-373 kernel

Wed Apr 20 21:16:35 UTC 2022
Kay Schenk <kay.schenk at gmail.com>

Hi Joshua, and list...

I got the non-workng sound driver for Intel HDA fixed with my kernel 

After removing the extra kernel flag i915_alpha from my command line

(see instructions when this module really was alpha --


I used the instructions given by

Syaifur Rizal <https://ask.fedoraproject.org/u/oprizal>

in this post...


I had a feeling I needed a modprobe.d entry but I didn't know what the 
syntax would be.

In any case, posting more info in case anyone needs it.

On 4/20/22 10:54, Kay Schenk wrote:
> Thank you Joshua. If I can't get this resolved by the end of this 
> week, I'll use your suggestion.
> On 4/19/22 15:32, Joshua Kramer wrote:
>> I'm not sure how much freedom you have with your setup, but you could
>> always try to use the elrepo-ml or elrepo-lt kernels.  The elrepo-ml kernel
>> follows the published version pretty closely, so for example right now I'm
>> running 5.17.3 on my el8 boxes.  The newer kernels solve a lot of hardware
>> issues.
>> On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 5:54 PM Kay Schenk<kay.schenk at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> Hello folks --
>>> Is there any write up for the most recent update to kernel 4.18.0-373
>>> specifically with respect to sound setup or anything really? I had been
>>> using an "alpha" driver for my Intel sound that was appended to my boot
>>> line up until this latest. This not only did not work but caused
>>> continual hangs. Edited the 4.18.0-373 kernel line and things got
>>> somewhat better...but....this version is loading A LOT of modules and do
>>> I really need them, etc.
>>> I am going through a lot of grief with this recent upgrade.
>>> Thanks for any help...
>>> -- Kay
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