[CentOS] CentOS Linux Notifications for any changes in files or folders

Tue Apr 26 21:36:10 UTC 2022
Anand Buddhdev <anandb at ripe.net>

On 26/04/2022 21:05, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:

Hi Kaushal,

> Thanks for sharing the link
> https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-monitor-filesystem-events-with-incron/.
> However I am receiving multiple emails (more than 1 email) while accessing
> the /var/www/html/prodsys.cert file. Am i missing something as per the
> below incrontab -l output
> /var/www/html/prodsys.cert      IN_ALL_EVENTS    printf "Subject: Prod

You've asked incron to inform you of all events, so presumably, your 
"access" triggers multiple filesystem events. You need to be more 
selective about which events you want to be notified about.