[CentOS] No kernel-modules for 5.14.0-210 - Centos Stream 9 Vagrant Box

Wed Dec 14 11:40:18 UTC 2022
Daniel Hiller <daniel.hiller.1972 at gmail.com>

Hi everyone,

we are using


together with


to create a vm inside a container. (Why we are doing this would be a longer
story BTW)

During the process of configuring the VM we are installing kernel-modules

dnf install -y "kernel-modules-$(uname -r)"

This has worked until around yesterday afternoon.

Now it's failing with

No match for argument: kernel-modules-5.14.0-210.el9.x86_64
Error: Unable to find a match: kernel-modules-5.14.0-210.el9.x86_64

What we noticed was that this occurred after the kernel had changed from
5.14.0-205. I suspect that this might be related to vmlinuz and/or
initrd.img updates, since I've seen those having changed on 9th / 12th of
Dec 2022.

Does someone have an idea on how we can fix this in the short run? Or do we
need to wait for "someone" to fix it, and who would that be?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Hiller