[CentOS] [EXT] c9s: CPU ISA level lower than required

Mon Feb 7 18:01:14 UTC 2022
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 2/7/22 09:10, Alessio wrote:
> Oh, well, it was plain "kvm64". Selecting "Nehalem", "SandyBridge" or
> "Westmere", it works.

If you plan to live-migrate VMs from host to host, selecting a specific 
CPU which is the oldest generation CPU among the possible hosts which 
will run the VM is a good idea.  Otherwise, you should probably select 
the option to copy the host CPU for best performance.  If you don't do 
that, you're unnecessarily restricting guests from using features 
present in the host CPU.