[CentOS] stream 8 or stream 9 for new server

Sun Feb 13 13:09:48 UTC 2022
Phil Perry <pperry at elrepo.org>

On 13/02/2022 07:06, Jon LaBadie wrote:
> I'm replacing my ancient desktop home server
> (CentOS 7, email, dns, backup) with a new mini-server.
> I've been running stream 9 on the new toy for a couple
> of weeks and I find there are still a lot of incomplete
> or missing things.  Enough to delay full implementation.
> Unless I do some workarounds or compile from source.
> On the other hand I've read there will be no migration
> path from stream 8 to stream 9.  It will require a
> complete reinstall.
> Any guesses as to when the stream 9 repos (including
> epel) will be fairly complete?  Just trying to decide
> whether to wait a bit or go with stream 8.
> Jon

I wouldn't choose either - IMHO Stream is not suitable for production 
usage due to there being no guarantee regarding security updates (see 
recent polkit CVE for an example of why this is so). Why would you not 
use genuine RHEL? You can sign up for 16 free licences with Red Hat and 
use one of those, for either RHEL8 or RHEL9 once it is released.

Alternatively, Rocky or Alma Linux may be a suitable drop in replacement 
for CentOS Linux for real world usage.

Stream is great for getting an early look at what's going to be in the 
next release of RHEL, and for developing software for the next release 
of RHEL, or if you are a software developer and wish to contribute to 
the next release of RHEL, but IMHO it's not a suitable alternative to 
RHEL (or a clone) for production usage and their are better alternatives