[CentOS] KVM virsh console to physical console?

Sat Feb 19 10:57:10 UTC 2022
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 12/02/22 00:33, Lists ha scritto:
> I'm preparing to virtualize a Windows server onto a Linux system under virsh.
> Initial results are looking good, but an issue that's come up is the need to
> log into the Linux system prior to being able to access the Windows system for
> updates.
> Is there a way to "connect" the virsh console directly to a physical Linux
> terminal?
> EG: Ctl+Alt+F8 to access the Windows virsh console for Windows Server
> Thank you
> Ben Smith
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I'm in late.

If you are using virsh, you are using libvirt. From what I know you can 
connect a virt-manager (and probably cockpit) to te libvirtd of the host 
system (where the Guest runs) from another workstation using 
virt-manager or cockpit via browser.

Hope that helps