[CentOS] Need fstab-decode for CentOS 8

Sun Feb 27 18:26:44 UTC 2022
centos at niob.at <centos at niob.at>

Am 27.02.22 um 04:33 schrieb Robert Nichols:
> Does anything for CentOS 8 provide the function of the fstab-decode 
> utility?
> Entries in /proc/mounts and /etc/fstab can have escape sequences for 
> certain special characters, and I need to decode that. 

Preface: Never heard of fstab-decode before. Researching the command 
made me really wonder why it was invented. Especially since I have never 
seen an /etc/fstab with "escape sequences" or "special characters" since 
at least 1990 (If I am wrong: Please show me such a fstab file).

So why not just use:

	umount $(awk '$3 == "vfat" {print $2}' /etc/fstab)

instead of the seemingly canonical use of fstab-decode

	fstab-decode umount $(awk '$3 == "vfat" { print $2 }' /etc/fstab)

Myself, I would use the super-standard xargs, that can even take care of 
the case that there might be no matching lines, that is:

     awk '$3 == "vfat" {print $2}' /etc/fstab | xargs -r umount

And if there REALLY are files around with "special characters" I would 
do it like this:

     awk '$3 == "vfat" {ORS="\0" ; print $2}' /etc/fstab | xargs -0 -r 

I consider this a standard idiom usable for many more use cases than 
just parsing /etc/fstab....