[CentOS] NFS Share fails to mount at boot time

Sat Jan 15 14:37:18 UTC 2022
Felix Natter <fnatter at gmx.net>

Felix Natter <fnatter at gmx.net> writes:

> hi Bill,
> Bill Gee <bgee at campercaver.net> writes:
>> My suggestion - Add "_netdev" to the parameters list:
>> 	NAS2HOST:/volume1/export/ /mnt/NAS2 nfs _netdev,rw,vers=3,soft,bg,intr 0
>> 0
> thanks for the hint. I added this, and so far I did not see the
> problem. Cannot say for sure though, as this does not occur always.

For the record: I worked around the problem with the
"xsystemd.automount" mount option, which triggers the mount on first
access. This seems to work fine.

Best Regards,
Felix Natter