[CentOS] Is shellcheck safe?

Wed Jan 19 23:36:37 UTC 2022
Vidar Holen <vidar at vidarholen.net>

Hi, ShellCheck author here.

Regarding the scanner "Bkav Pro" detecting "VEX.Webshell" according to
VirusTotal.com, this is a false positive that seems to trigger on every
Haskell binary including a simple "Hello World". It further appears to
trigger on a number of unrelated repositories. See internal issue

The Bkav Corporation does not appear to have a false positive submission
process that I could find using Google Translate on bkav.com.vn, but I
emailed a general product contact address about it. Hopefully they'll make
the check more accurate in the future.

Vidar Holen

(Sorry about the bad reply-to, I wasn't on the list when the discussion