[CentOS] Assitance with perl

Mon Jan 31 01:25:46 UTC 2022
mailist <mailist at toolz.com>

On 2022-01-30 20:12, H wrote:
> I am writing a long bash script under CentOS 7 where perl is used for
> manipulating some external files. So far I am using perl one-liners to
> do so but ran into a problem when I need to append text to an external
> file.

Rewrite the whole thing in Perl.  Over the years, I have rewritten 
scores of bash scripts
in Perl, and they 1. execute much faster, 2. don't lose variables from 
while loops,
3. can use any of the thousands of CPAN modules, 4. can use libraries, 
and on and on.

Todd Merriman
Software Toolz