[CentOS] PHP 7.4 from the Appstream repo

Thu Jul 7 15:28:00 UTC 2022
Valere Binet <valere.binet at gmail.com>


Tenable is complaining that our CentOS Stream release 8 system is
vulnerable because it has php 7.2.24-1.module_el8.2... and it should have
php 7.4.19-1.module_el8.5

On the mirror, I can see the PHP 7.4.19-1 and 7.4.19-2 in
However, dnf list is stuck at 7.2.24-1
dnf clean all didn't help.

How do I get my systems to "see" the 7.4 packages? The remi repo is not a
good option for my company, we'd rather use the Appstream package since it
is there.
Are there reasons not to upgrade? If yes, does RedHat plan to apply the
security updates to 7.2?

Thank you in advance for any feedback

Valère Binet