[CentOS] Upgrading PHP under CentOS 7

Thu Sep 1 15:58:46 UTC 2022
Steve Meier <email at steve-meier.de>

Hi Robert,

Am 01.09.2022 17:13, schrieb Robert Heller:
> I have been using the IUS repo to keep up-to-date with PHP on my CentOS 
> 7 VPS.
> PHP 7.4.30 is nearing EOL and I am not seeing a newer version of PHP in 
> the
> IUS repo.  What options do I have?  Does anyone know if a newer version 
> of PHP
> will "appear" in the IUS repo or is there another repo I should be 
> using?

I have been using Remi's repository successfully for quite a while.

It has a configuration wizard to help you with the repository 
configuration and
supports installing multiple PHP releases in parallel:


Hope this helps.

Kind regards,