[CentOS] Fedora EPEL vs Oracle EPEL

Thu Sep 8 12:46:26 UTC 2022
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Hi folks,
> Are there any Oracle Linux users here? What are you doing with EPEL? Do
> you use Fedora EPEL, or Oracle EPEL? What are your reasons for using one
> or the other?
> I am aware that these two repos are quite similar, but not identical.

I _was_ using some Oracle Linux 8 in the past and decided to use it with
Fedora EPEL. Back then Oracle EPEL was was lacking some latest packages
found in Fedora EPEL and therefore Fedora seemed the better choice.

I don't know how the situation is today because I moved to AlmaLinux with
Fedora EPEL.