[CentOS] EFI boot order rewrite

Fri Feb 24 15:33:23 UTC 2023
Florian Bauer <florian at fsrv.xyz>


Thank you for your answer.
That would only solve the problem at initial bootup but not for already installed systems.

Inserting such a solution into a late running service would be no option due to it’s destroying the boards storage over time because of the many writes.

On Debian/Ubuntu, there are a couple of grub2 debconf parameters.
Unfortunately, there seems to be no such system like debconf for package level configuration properties iirc.

Kind regards 

> Am 24.02.2023 um 12:44 schrieb James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>:
> Florian Bauer wrote>
>> we are running CentOS Stream 8 on some of our dedicated servers.
>> On the newer servers that boot with efi, the system that is installed
>> with the default properties in the ISO installer writes itself to the
>> top of the efi boot order.
>> This seems to happen every time after bootup.
>> Since we run all our systems with efi network boot as the first boot
>> option for rescue operation, this would be a significant problem for the
>> future if the behavior cannot be turned off.
>> I have already checked the use of efibootmgr and some of the related
>> grub settings such as GRUB_DEFAULT and GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT (which may have
>> nothing to do with it).
>> On Debian, I found a debconf option that prevents updating nvram.
>> This seems to prevent the described behavior.
>> Does anyone have an idea for this problem?
> I had a similar issue with EFI booting with CentOS 7 a while ago - my 'fix' was to add something to the %post section of the kickstart file to use efibootmgr to set 'EFI Network' as the first device in the EFI BootOrder - which seemed to work OK for subsequent boots
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