[CentOS] Looking for a RAID1 box

Tue Jan 3 22:17:38 UTC 2023
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

It will go into my rack cabinet so I COULD do a 1U format.

I would prefer something sitting on a shelf in the rack (next to my QNAP 
NAS) about the size to handle 2 HD and system board.

Enough memory for Centos and the mail server software.  Perhaps 2Gb is 
enough?  4Gb nice to have (anti-virus could eat up memory at times?)

Oh, has to be Intel not ARM (iRedMail req)

I don't need hot swap.  I just did a drive replace on my QNAP and it 
took ~10min to power down and swap drives.  Took 10hr to mirror to the 
new drive.

I DO want it all in the box.  No external drives.

And I don't want to build my own hardware.  I want to buy it, install 
drives, attach boot ISO, and install away.

Low power like 40W or less good.

This help?

On 1/3/23 17:02, Christopher Wensink wrote:
> It depends on the structure of the drives.  Do you want a dedicated 
> controller card or is an embedded card on the motherboard acceptable?
> Entry Level Dell Poweredge T150 servers could work, or build your own 
> rig with an SLI MegaRAID or HighPoint RocketRAID dedicated controller 
> card.
> There are configurations like this in a Rackmount configuration, tower 
> configurations, or Mini Server configurations, it all depends on what 
> kind of space / budget / environment it is going in.
> Reply back with more details if you want a better answer.
> Chris
> On 1/3/2023 3:55 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> Help?
>> I am looking for a box I can drop Centos or one of the spinoffs that:
>> Has RAID1 internal (not an external USB RAID thing)
>>     Can be software or hardware
>> small (4TB/drive fine) and low power
>> I plan to use it ONLY for email server.  perhaps iRedMail
>> I have spent a lot of time looking and not finding any such piece of 
>> metal.
>> All I find are NAS boxes with their own OS.
>> thanks
>> Bob (frustrated)
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