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Sun Jan 1 01:55:02 UTC 2023

blank" do you not understand?  ;)

If you do not believe there is any problem, consider
the complexity of Johnny Hughes's solution!  

If Johnny Hughes's solution works for him and he is
happy with it, that is great -- more power to him. 
(The FAQ includes a write up of Johnny's solution.)  I
have two replies.  

1) Back a couple of months ago, as a test, I tried his
solution, and the screen on my Mag DX1495 still went
blank with the two nVIDIA cards that I tested.  

2) I would rather just plug in a card which works
right out of the box on a standard, SUPPORTED kernel,
than to go through all the complicated steps in
Johnny's solution.  But this is just my personal
preference.  I can use the nVIDIA cards in Linux with
compatible monitors or in Windows with any monitor (as
far as I know).  

BTW, the computer on which I am writing this email
runs CentOS, and with this Acer 77c monitor, I am
using an nVIDIA GeForce display card -- it works fine
with THIS hardware. 


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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 23:17:26 -0400
From: Christopher Blume <godsmoke at>
To: centos at
Subject: Re: [Centos] nVIDIA on CentOS 3.3

Hello Rick,

I have to say, I found your notice of nVidia cards
"not working" as a 
little odd.  To begin with -- drivers *generally* do
not vary between 
distributions of linux.  So, the fact that your card
"doesn't work" 
CentOS means that something else went wrong -- not
that the drivers 
don't exist, or don't function properly.

First of all, I'd be interested to see where your
conclusion that your 
monitor doesn't work with an nVidia card in linux came
from -- what 
exactly did you experience/test to come to this

I don't know anything about Kudzu, but, let me tell
you, the nVidia 
TNT 2 is ABSOLUTELY supported by the linux kernel --
and XFree86 
ABSOLUTELY runs on it.  If it's not working on your
system, instead of 
making conclusions about Linux as a whole, understand
that there are 
probably issues with the configuration files you
either manually wrote, 
or the programs CentOS/RHEL bundles with the distro

nVidia cards have the absolute best support under
linux of any video 
card -- and I highly doubt what you experienced was a
driver issue -- 
it was, it was because of some mangled patch that
RedHat applied, 
because the driver for nVidia TNTs is used by tens of
thousands of 

Thank You,
Christopher Blume